Flight Simulator Parts for cockpit builders and custom turnkey solutions. Airbus And Boeing Flight Simulators

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We design and manufacture custom flight simulator parts. Based on newst CAD CAM technologies.


Thanks to the use of modern technologies and manufacturing methods, individual products at competitive prices.

Custom Simulators

We are able to build any flight simulator. For the needs of trade fairs, training and commercial applications

Vulcan Bomber

Example of a custom built simulator for a flight experience client.

R&D services on request

Over the past 4 years, we've developed the capabilities of the research department. We are able to design and build components and dashboards of any aircraft and helicopters.

Describe what you need.


We will analyze the technical possibilities and the time necessary for the implementation of your product.


We will design appropriate solutions and prepare documentation necessary for production


We will make the necessary prototypes and components necessary to fulfill your order.

Turnkey R&D Services

If you are looking for a simulator or a product not available on the market, be it a civil or military aircraft or a helicopter, we are ready to build it for you.

Custom simulators development

Structural and mechanical design

Visual systems design

CAD/CAM design

Custom simulator Build


CAD data development

We develop structural parts and components like controls, knobs, levers switches.

Structural parts

Design panels switches and knobs.

Sidesticks, yokes, tq handles


Production documentation for both serial and unit production.

Cockpit shell design

Motion platform structures

Interior ceilings, wimdows, cockpit accesoriess

Instructor stations


Phasellus We can make prototypes or short series products.

SLA 3d Print

FDM 3d print

CNC machining

Short run vaccum molding

Custom cockpit

Simulators for exhibitions, advertising, training and image needs

Turnkey simulators

Complete solutions