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Simworx Flight Simulators - Our Journey

Simworx Flight Simulators SLU originated as the engineering division of a Flight simulator company based in the UK. Established in 2009, the core engineering team ventured out independently and established a distinct company in Cartagena, Spain in 2021. Throughout the past dozen years, the team has undertaken numerous projects, including the creation of several well known production airliner types , aviation-themed cabin and cockpit sections for enthusiasts, entertainment, television and film productions. They have also constructed a wide range of custom simulators, from scratch-built civil, general aviation, and military simulators, catering to various applications such as flight experience companies, real pilot training aids, aviation enthusiasts, universities, and home builders. Engaging in this line of work is a genuine passion for our entire team, rather than merely a job, and this dedication is evident in our exceptional customer service and the high-quality finished products we consistently deliver.

The company is split into 2 areas.

Own Product Manufacturing

We are currently the only company in the world to produce a fully functional Harrier simulator which we have designed specifically for enthusiasts, home builders and flight experience companies. Our simulator has been 2 years in development and can be purchased in component and modular form for home builders or as a turnkey solution. To find out more about this amazing simulator click here or visit our shop.

Custom Manufacturing, Assembly & Simulator Building

The company has 12 years of custom simulator building experience and employs 8 in-house, full-time staff and an army of external contractors allowing us to scale when necessary. We have our own 5000 Square foot engineering facility and specialise in the following areas:

We take on any sized projects, whether you are a home builder that needs a simple PCB made, or specific panel for any aircraft or you are a flight experience company looking for 1, 2 or 10 specific aircraft building, or even need a cabin section recreating in full detail then give us a call, talk to us through the chat facility or send a message from our contact page.

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