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Airframe Lab

Here we prepared few words why we are proud of our products and how we achieve this quality and products development.

Airframe Lab

We working on flight simulators structures since 2015. Our main product is A320 complete structures. All designs are designed and tested by Us. We know our products and we are proud of them


We using newest CAD software to prepare CAD/CAM data for lasers, cnc cutters,3d printers and numeric sheet benders.

Fully parametric design

MES analyses for structural strenght

Fully numeric production preparation

Laser Cuting And Bending

We use new TRUMPF laser machines and numeric bend machines one of the best on the world. We can rely on them and be sure that all parts will meet our quality requirements

Alumium and steel clear cut up to 20mm

High Speed

Extreme good edge finish

Best in class machines

For prototyping we use SLA and FDM 3d printers

Using newest technologies allow us test and develop best solutions with multiple iterations. SLA and FDM printers of best vendors is best way to achieve great results.

25 microns precision for best results

over 40 materials for testing designs

Always on demand without waiting for outsourced parts

Vaccum Casting

We multiply our parts by using vaccum casting that allow us use variety of materials. From Abs like to rubber alike.

Create exact copy of prototype elements

Ready to use parts in 90 minutes

Over 50 materials to use form elastic to extremely tought

Numeric controll of work

To achieve best results in non iron metals we use CNC mill to work with alumium and other hard materials. Great tools when precision matter

Precision up to 0.01 mm

High eficcient

Multiple materials

Choose best

3 Years of development and tests to offer best possible structural parts of cockpits. We developed for ourselfs without any compromise.

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